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 When it comes to equipment, construction contractors can push it to the limit.  ACS Unlimited out of Newport News, Virginia is no different.  Owner Adrien Schraudt depends on his vehicles and equipment for his business.  Running on tight deadlines for his busy company, he can't afford to miss a day because of mechanical problems.  "We depend on our workers to get the job done.  If I have a vehicle down for maintenance, my employees can't get tools and supplies to the jobsite which can lead to setbacks" says Schraudt.  "When it comes to keeping us working, the obvious choice for lubricants was AMSOIL.  AMSOIL has the best reputation in the industry and the performance to back it up."  Whether it is using our Signature Series oils and transmission fluids for his work vehicles or the Saber 2-stroke oil for his lawn equipment, ACS Unlimited chooses AMSOIL for all of their lubricant needs.  Not only does it reduce downtime for maintenance, it saves them money by less oil changes and longer equipment life.  Feel free to visit their website for any of their services.


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