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This past Saturday I went to the Albemarle Kart Club race in Elizabeth City, NC to watch one of our affiliate kart drivers. I took some of the Briggs and Stratton 4T Karting Oil with me to talk to a few of the racers about it. Since switching to the Briggs and Stratton 4T Karting Oil by AMSOIL, our kart driver has 4 poles and 5 wins in 5 races this season.  Prior to running this, she did not have a win.  In talking to some of the kart racers, they were saying they were changing oil every night and some twice a night. When I told them the 4T could go at least 2 full nights of racing and I have had a team run it 5 racing nights (winning 4 of the 5) between changes, the response was tremendous!  

This is a response from Briggs and Stratton Racing to a question posted on their kart racing website forum by someone asking about the product:

This is a GREAT question and thanks for asking it. Let me start by saying welcome to the Briggs Racing family and if you ever have questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Our 4T Racing oil is the way to go. I will first give you some general background so that you, as well as others who will read this post, understand that I am STRICKLY talking about time intervals when using THIS oil. Most karting oils are PAG based. This is a base material typically used in the compressor industry. It was never designed for combustion engines and it isn't used in ANY other type of engine I am aware of because they have serious shortcomings. First they are hydroscopic in nature. They attract water right out of the air. They typically have a low TBN (The Base number) so they cannot neutralize the by-product of combustion (what might get past your rings). That being said water in you oil kills your film strength. Water and the by-product of combustion become a mild acid. PAG karting oils also vaporize at our operating temperatures. Losing what protection you have to the atmosphere is never a good thing! Lastly PAG karting oils have a low solubility so that means that additives cannot be added to overcome these serious shortcomings. 

You can see where I am going with this. These products are HORRIBLE for our engines. They are simply PAG bases with food coloring. They rely on you to change them out nightly in order for them to even work. Why are these some of the most recommended in the industry? They are cheap to make, people can make a great margin, and you have to go through a LOT of it to avoid disaster. 

Briggs & Stratton 4T is designed for racing and was a year long project. You get the same power as a karting oil but also wear protection, rust inhibitors, and longer change intervals because the quality of the product. With your engine, even without the plate, I wouldn't hesitate to say you can easily get multiple race weekends. Inhouse we use this product as our baseline dyno oil and many of our tests we run 20-40 hours on without changing (topping rarely if needed). In the racing world, 20 hours is an entire year of karting (practice and racing). So we are talking up to 2 years of beating on this product in a harsher environment than you will see in the real world. That is where my confidence with this product comes from. A year of engineering the product specific for our air-cooled racing needs, understanding the short falls of what kills our products (PAG karting oils), and testing it beyond what our products would see in the real world. That is the genetics behind this product. 

I would never say run a year without changing your oil but in doing that all the time inhouse I could say that weekends between changes is very realistic. If you tried that with the biggest names in karting oils I'm sad to say that you would be buying a short block from us. I never want to see that happen. This is why we worked with a leader in synthetic oils to develop a product that gets you back to enjoying time with your son. Thank you for letting us be a small part of what allows that to happen."

I know there are a lot of die-hard karting racers out there and I also realize that when something is working, you are hesitant to change.  By making researched and educated changes, this puts you on the cutting edge of racing.  In all forms of racing, think back to how far things have come and how much has changed.  Let East Coast Synthetics make the AMSOIL Racing Family a part of YOUR Family!

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