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When Brett Warren got out of the military and settled in Poquoson, Virginia he started his own landscaping business, Cardinal Yards.  Quickly, his business took off and he started receiving a lot of work.  He couldn't afford to be handicapped with equipment downtime.  He was also concerned about business expenses.  Brett turned to AMSOIL as a solution to his problem.  East Coast Synthetics provided Cardinal Yards with top quality lubricants which exceeded his performance expectations at an affordable price.  Cardinal Yards runs Signature Series oil for his work truck, small engine oil for his mowers, Saber Professional 2-stroke oil for his Stihl trimmers and blowers, AMSOIL multi-purpose grease, and AMSOIL Bar and Chain oil for his chainsaws.  Cardinal Yards is now able to concentrate on commercial and residential landscaping needs with an attention to detail.  You can visit their website at


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