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When Exquisite Landscaping's owner Arnell Davis heard about AMSOIL Saber Professional 2-stroke oil, he figured he would give it a try in his Stihl gas trimmers and blowers.  Saving a few dollars is always important with small businesses and Saber was cheaper than the Stihl Professional oil he was using.  Davis was hoping to get the same performance from his equipment.  After giving it a try, Davis told East Coast Synthetics "It did everything you said it would do!  Not only is it cheaper, I feel I get better performance out of my equipment!  I used to get some smoke from my Stihl equipment, especially when I would give it the first start of the day.  After switching to AMSOIL Saber, no more smoke from any of my equipment.  I also feel like it runs smoother, making our jobs easier."  Exquisite Landscaping is sticking with AMSOIL and plans to switch over all of its equipment to our lubricants, including work trucks and zero turn mowers. 

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