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With the summer months upon us, many landscaping companies are pushing their equipment to extremes with a lot of work to be done and high temperatures setting in.  Their zero-turn mowers, backpack blowers, and trimmers are continually being used and downtime means costly repairs.  Hampton Roads landscapers depend on AMSOIL products from East Coast Synthetics to keep their equipment running in top condition and stretch equipment longevity, saving them money.  Several companies have made the switch and are already seeing the performance results.  Gibbs Lawn Care, Tidewater Turf Care, S&A Lawn Care, and Clean Cut Lawn Care tried AMSOIL Saber Professional 2-stroke oil and have never looked back.  This has allowed them to get better performance out of their equipment and spend less money on oil, as Saber has been tested and proven at a ratio up to 100:1.  Check out these pictures of two Stihl short blocks that were run with Saber as compared with a top competitor 2-stroke oil.  Both were run the same amount of hours.  The one running Saber (on the left) showed little wear and was very clean, while the competitor 2-stroke oil (on the right)  showed a lot of wear and sludge build-up.


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