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 Here is MY AMSOIL Story.  When I was growing up, my dad always did the work on the family cars.  As a kid, I always went out and helped him (really just handed him tools) while he did some things.  One of the things I learned from him was that changing the engine oil was KEY to keeping your vehicle running for a long time.  

Fast forward a few decades.  I bought my 2006 F250 truck.  While it was not new, it was low miles and only a few years old.  Regardless of what brand you buy, trucks are NOT cheap, even used ones.  I heard my dad's advice in my head about the engine oil.  Thinking to what I see on TV and the store shelves, every lubricant manufacturer claims their product is the best.  I decided I wanted to find out for myself and do the research.  Everything I read on the internet, from bigger studies that were very technical to the guy doing his own independent evaluation in his garage and posting the results online, the consistent top runner was a product I had never seen advertised on TV, AMSOIL.  I requested some information from AMSOIL and the next day in the office I asked a co-worker, who was a big car enthusiast, what he used.  The guy told me he used a competitor's product.  I asked him if he ever had heard of a product called AMSOIL and if so, what he thought.  His reply, "Oh yes.  They have been around a long time and are by far have the best on the market."  I asked why he wasn't using it and his reply, "I don't know anyone or place I can get it from."  (At this point, I was not a dealer and had no account with AMSOIL.)  I asked, "If I were to start selling it, would you buy it from me?"  He replied, "Absolutely."  Coincidentally another co-worker overheard us talking and said "Hey, my dad sold AMSOIL years ago before he died.  Great stuff!  If you start selling it let me know!"  

At this point I made a decision, why not give it a try?  I never thought that I would have such a passion and belief for a company and product as I do.  I have seen first hand in my vehicles what a great product it is!  

I then thought, if the oil is that good, how about some of their other products?  I took the F250 for a full transmission fluid flush and change to the AMSOIL Signature Series Transmission Fluid.  When I drove away from the shop, I was grinning ear to ear.  The truck never had a transmission problem before but  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  The shifting was so smooth that I had to watch my tachometer and turn the radio off to even tell when it would shift gears.  

Last summer my wife and I took a trip to the mountains towing our camper.  As we were driving up the steep and winding mountain roads towing our 6000 lb camper my wife was nervous (she doesn't like mountain roads.)  I was smiling because I knew with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid in the truck, it was cool running and smooth sailing!

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